Department of Visual Arts was established at Yarmouk University in 1981.  The department of Visual Arts gives Bachelor degree of Visual Arts in many specialties such as painting and illustrations, technology of visual arts, and art education.  Graduate program consists of 33 credit hours.  The department of Visual Arts gives Master degree in visual arts such as theoretical courses in art criticism, art history, aesthetics, art education, learning technology ant its methods, as well as Contemporary Issues in Modern Art.

The department includes 13 faculty members with different academic ranks and more than 200 students.

The department of visual arts aims to teach art as an important technical practical and scientific method in building the most beautiful finest optimized society, also aims to qualify specialists and professionals in the fields of visual arts to be able to take responsibility in spreading the message of the visual arts.  Establishment of this department was based on an urgent need to meet the needs of the public and private institutions of fine arts and a way to contribute the development of society.  Department of Visual Arts at Yarmouk University is looking to replace the best appropriate place and the most prominent in all technical specialties through the internal and external issues of society by keeping updating its policies and programs in teaching and academic plan to keep up with modern requirements in technical art with substantive consciously and comprehensively.






  • Detect talented   students and guide them by directing their energies to serve their community. 
  • Contribute to solving technical issues facing the   University community through professional activities associated   which contribute to strengthening the sense of belonging to the University and the community. 
  • Eliminate uisiual illiteracy through   developinr of fine sense of aesthetic and artistic  percitionby making’s exhibitions   art workshops and seminars of different art forms. 
  • Addressing various problems related to the preparation of an fducatovs   in pre and during service  
  • Educational environment research  opens the way that enables the student to make his /has scientific capacity.




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