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About the Department

The Drama Department has contributed to the artistic movement's annual provision with distinguished staff and qualified graduates. In addition to the faculty members' contributions with their artistic works in the fields of theater arts and the arts of cinema and television at various official and private institutions in Jordan and abroad through various festivals, seminars, and conferences. The Department of Fine Arts at Yarmouk University was founded in 1981, and in 1994, this specialty was expanded to include the following subspecialties: theater acting and directing, film and television, criticism and theater literature, and theater craftsmanship. In 2001, the Drama Department was created as one of four departments affiliated with the College of Fine Arts and still includes the majors mentioned above with a new specialization, which is drama education. The department awards a bachelor's degree in drama, and it includes ten faculty members who hold academic and practical qualifications in drama disciplines. The number of students in the department for the academic year 2011/2012 is 162 students.

With its various specializations, the department seeks to raise the level of academic and technical performance in line with modern intellectual aspects and technological progress to keep pace with the global level in these areas.




Preparing a distinguished graduate in the fields of drama equipped with academic capabilities in both theoretical and applied fields, capable of contributing to the advancement of the level of the dramatic movement in Jordan by meeting the needs of the labor market efficiently and competently, and has a role in promoting the level of dramatic education and scientific research, and the dramatic performance of various dramatic institutions Jordanian and Arab world. Also, the ability to serve the local community through dramatic participation in cultural activities, official events, and national and international festivals.



The Message

The department aspires to raise the level of dramatic life in Jordan by teaching students various theoretical aspects of drama.

Contribute to preserving the Jordanian, Arab and international heritage through surveys, analytical and comparative studies in various dramatic fields.

Contributing to the dramatic cultural communication with different countries and peoples through participation in conferences, festivals, and scientific meetings in all drama areas.




The drama department derives its strategic objectives from the primary goals upon which Yarmouk University was built upon:


  • Teaching drama to its students according to the latest academic foundations and methods by building a staff of qualified faculty members and specialists in various drama sciences to raise the level of graduates.
  • Conducting research in various specialized dramas locally, regionally and internationally, to positively reflect on the drama and its various applications.
  • We serve the local community by actively participating in various official and national meetings and events and providing all possible cooperation to nurture the dramatic talents and provide appropriate guidance to them.
  • Raising the sense of drama among the children of the Jordanian society through the graduates' effectiveness and their cooperation with various scientific, cultural, and social institutions in Jordan and establishing various dramatic activities and presentations to various segments of society.
  • We communicate with various universities, colleges, institutes, and similar dramatic institutions and consolidate cooperation with them by participating in conferences, seminars, festivals, and meetings and exchanging specialized experiences.

Program Learning Outcomes PLOs


Knowing the different concepts, meanings; and terms of drama.


Applying the theories, principles; and trends of modern forms of drama.


Representing different acting roles, whether it's individual or with group of actors and actress.


Master the skills and scientific foundations that it's related to theatrical and cinematic techniques.


Analyze and evaluate different kind of drama works.


Using the most modern technological software whether for theatrical shows or film nor dramatic series.


Produce an integrated dramatic work related to theater and filmmaking.

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The Department of Fine Arts was founded at the beginning of the academic year 80/81 in the sections of the Faculty of Arts and remained in the Departments of Education and Arts, which was established in the academic year 88/89. In 2000 year, the department became a College of Fine Arts .

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