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About the Department

The Department of Fine Arts was established at Yarmouk University in 1981. The department awards a bachelor’s degree in plastic arts (BA) with its practical specializations such as painting and illustrations, plastic arts technology, and art education. The postgraduate program consists of (33) credit hours. The Department of Plastic Arts offers a master's degree (MA) in theoretical plastic arts, such as art criticism, art history, aesthetics, educational technology, media, art education, and contemporary issues in modern arts.

The department includes about (13) faculty members of various academic ranks, and more than (200) students are enrolled in it.

The department aims to teach art a fundamental technical and scientific approach to building a more beautiful, more refined, and optimal society. It also aims to qualify specialized and professional graduates in plastic arts who can take responsibility for spreading the message of plastic arts. The department establishment came as an urgent need to meet the needs of public and private professional and educational institutions to teach Fine arts with its artistic fields and as a way of life that contributes to society's development like other sciences and knowledge. The Plastic Arts Department at Yarmouk University looks forward to occupying the most appropriate and prominent place at the national and global levels in all its artistic specializations through continuous updating of its educational policies, programs, and curriculums to keep pace with the requirements of the modern artistic and technical era with awareness and comprehensiveness.




The pursuit of excellence in creative and competitive artistic preparation at the local, regional and global levels.



The Message

Guiding the creative and talented students and directing their energies to serve their community. Also, contribute to solving the technical problems that the university's national and global community faces by creating artistic activities related to artistic creativity that contribute to strengthening belonging to the university and society.

The elimination of plastic illiteracy by upgrading and developing the sense of artistic and aesthetic taste through exhibitions, workshops, and various seminars in plastic arts.

Addressing the various problems related to preparing art education teachers in the pre-service and during the service stage through the art education track by providing consultations and holding courses.

Create an appropriate educational and educational environment that enables the student to conduct scientific research so that it is characterized by efficiency and quality.




The Department of Fine Arts aims to achieve many goals, including:


  • Preparing qualified technical staff from graduates in the various fields of plastic arts to serve the community.


  • We are preparing various training programs for workers and those interested in plastic arts to develop environmental awareness and plastic culture.
  • Cooperating with the various bodies concerned with plastic arts locally, in the Arab world, and globally to serve urgent issues.


  • Developing various means of artistic expression by introducing modern concepts according to contemporary developments in the field of plastic arts to help graduates face future challenges.


  • Preparing the distinguished student who can compete in the local, regional and global labor market in the fields of plastic arts, which makes him more interactive with his community's issues.

Program Learning Outcomes PLOs


Understand and be familiar with knowledge related to the history of ancient and contemporary world art in its various fields, schools, methods and knowledge of the national heritage.


Use digital programs and applications, and benefit from them to produce artworks.


Create formative solutions that include analysis and installation skills and adapting them into artistic activities that enhance interaction with humanitarian issues locally and globally through the establishment of various artistic and cultural activities.


Students demonstrate theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the use of software and technology used for musical notation as well as sound editing and processing in the various fields of their employment.


Possess the necessary scientific and practical skills for the teaching and learning process.


Develop human belonging and positive behavior that enhance the sense of patriotism and develop the concept of local identity and joint action.


Mastery produce mature artworks by using various materials and techniques from natural and industrial environmental sources.

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The Department of Fine Arts was founded at the beginning of the academic year 80/81 in the sections of the Faculty of Arts and remained in the Departments of Education and Arts, which was established in the academic year 88/89. In 2000 year, the department became a College of Fine Arts .

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