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About the Department

Design education at the Yarmouk University goes back to the year 1980 when it was a new field in Jordan, where the major of the design was subsidiary of the Department of Fine Arts. Since its inception as the first Department of Fine Arts in Jordan, design disciplines attracted students from all over the Kingdom, with faculty members from Jordan and the Arab and foreign countries. On the 17th of September 2001, design specialty became independent as its department, after its promotion to the level of a stand-alone academic department in the Faculty of Fine Arts named "the Department of Design and Applied Arts" and in 2011, the name was changed to become "the Department of Design" and a new plan of study was adopted to include four specialties including interior design, graphic design, industrial design, and fashion and textiles design. The Department of Design grants a bachelor's degree in each of the four fields of design. Currently, the Department of Design includes (13) faculty members of various academic ranks joined by around (380) students. The department aims to become recognized as a center of design in the region in teaching and research, and an effort continuously rises to the level of creativity and consulting compared to centers and institutes in the area of design and human creativity worldwide.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon graduation, the design student can:

1. Use design principles to solve life and functional design problems.

2. Use the technology, equipment, materials, and facilities for design production.

3. Link scientific and applied knowledge in design innovation and production

4. Apply functional, economic, and environmental considerations in solving design problems.

5. Linking the function to design and production characteristics and understanding the chemical and physical properties of the materials used in the design.

6. Studying the scientific framework for cost accounting, production economics, feasibility studies, information processing, and data analysis.

7. Finding solutions to design problems and methods of planning and implementation.

8. Understand the global concepts, terminology, and design theories and study the methods of international designers.

9. Apply information and skills in the field of design using mechanical and digital systems.

10. Take the individual and collective responsibility during design production processes. 




To be a leading academic specialization and research center in Art and Design (Interior Design - Graphic Design - Fashion Design and Industrial Design) and a source of innovation and creativity, according to international quality standards.  



Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of innovation and operating and managing design and development to meet the needs of the market in accordance to the standards of local, regional and enrich the design science through research and studies that contribute to the development of the community and develop the various related sectors to the world. 





  1. Qualifying graduates specializing in a design capable of taking responsibility for carrying the burden and spreading the design message.

  2. Meet the local market's needs such as design, education, publishing, communication, and multimedia.

  3. Enabling graduates to become professional, self-reliant, and engaging in the labor market.

  4. Creative development thought among design students to promote human and cultural development and behavior and beauty.

  5. Teaching design as a curriculum that takes into consideration human and functional needs.

  6. Teaching design students higher thinking skills and problem solving.

  7. Interest in knowledge production by adopting the philosophy and theories of the economy based on knowledge.


Program Learning Outcomes PLOs


Demonstrate critical thinking as they identify, analyze, and solve design problems through completion of design studio projects. Apply creative and critical thinking to solve design Problems from a human-centered approach and apply this knowledge to design solutions.


Knowledge of all aspects of the design process, that enables them to identify and explore complex problems and generate creative solutions that support human behavior. 


Demonstrate preparation for global design practice by incorporating cultural norms of user populations and applying that knowledge to design solutions that support globally diverse end users.


Demonstrate effective visual, verbal, and written communication.


Apply ethical and professional practices.


Demonstrate an ability to work effectively with others.


Create a full set of design documents for design projects.

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The Department of Fine Arts was founded at the beginning of the academic year 80/81 in the sections of the Faculty of Arts and remained in the Departments of Education and Arts, which was established in the academic year 88/89. In 2000 year, the department became a College of Fine Arts .

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