He graduated from the television and theater at the University of Jordan, Yarmouk output section 2004,
He began "mondher rayahneh" artistic career during the study period, where he assimilated the play "Valentine's Day" at the University of Jordan, Yarmouk theater, and after graduating completed his career with a number of dramas in the Jordanian television, and excellence in Bedouin roles and historical serials.
Won the Artist "mondher rayahneh" during his career on many of the Arab Technical Awards, where he received the Gold Award from the Cairo Festival for information about the series "Sons of good", the first Jordanian representative to win the award, and the award "Amy Ooordz" global for the series "sweep ".

Saba Mubarak was born April 10, 1976 I was born in Ajloun in Jordan, holds a bachelor's degree in theater from Yarmouk University in 2001, was the series of the moon and the magic year 1998 first steps in acting, and is currently the Stars of the first row in the Arab drama because of its many television tournaments.

He holds a bachelor's degree in drama from the University of Yarmouk, the start of his artistic career on stage before climbing star and knows the Arab public through the television series Hassan and Hussein in performing the role of Hassan bin Ali may Allah be pleased with him. Engaged Jordanian artist "Khalid Algoere" artistic movement creative, he studied under the hands of the most prominent Arab filmmakers as the audience began to know since he exhibited outstanding on Arab screens and although it is still in the spring of his age, but after viewing Hassan and Hussein, who achieved the highest percentage Show Arab, stepped up to become a first-tier star deserved prominent among his works (banners of Arava), (Hassan and Hussein).