College resources, equipment and laboratories

plastic department equipment

  • Graphic studio
  • Sculpture studio.
  • Photography studio
  • Porcelain studio.
  • Painting studio.
  • Photography studio
  • Handicrafts studio.
  • Theoretical Hall


Drama department equipment

  • The theater is equipped with fully computerized sound and lighting systems and data show, containing 100 seats.
  • Outdoor summer theater with a capacity of 120 people.
  • Acting training hall with a small stage and some lighting devices.
  • Four rooms for lectures and training.
  • A set of TV and cinema equipment
  • Film and TV studio equipped with a lighting system, two editing units (one Apple digital unit and one analog unit), (15) TV cameras, Baby Crane camera lift, and Data Show.
  • A montage lab that contains 15 professional montage units.


Design department equipment

  • ceremonies fully equipped
  • computer lab equipped with the latest devices
  • A classroom for theoretical subjects


Music department equipment

  • Piano laboratory and contains 7 electric piano
  • The music library contains:
  • 42inch display screen
  • ​LCD Panasonic
  • Data show
  • DVD device
  • Stereo (recorder + CD)
  • Musical theater contains:
  • grand piano number 2
  • Data show
  • Audio device with microphone number 11 and number 4 condenser and number of speakers