Applications for BA in Fine Arts/regular program for first semester 2021/2022 are now open

 Created: 19 August 2021

Yarmouk University announces that the applications for the BA in the faculty of fine arts/ regular program for students holding the high school or equivalent are now open in the following majors:

Design and applied arts.

Plastic Arts.


 The application process starts as of Sun. 22/8/2021 until Thu 16/9/2021. Students can pay the application fees of JD (15) through any branch of Cairo Amman Bank in the Kingdom or through eFAWATEERcom until Sunday 19/9/2021. Students must follow up their e-mails in addition to the YU website to follow up their applications. Any applications not meeting the conditions will be cancelled.

Note: The date of the abilities capacity exam will be announced later on the university's website (
As for the conditions of applying, please contact the dept. of Registration.
To apply, please click on the following link (click here)

The participants in the Ninth Arab Contemporary Art Conference, which concluded at Yarmouk University, on Saturday, 7/29/2021, under the title “Art and National Identity,” which was organized by the College of Fine Arts at the university over three days, recommended highlighting the role of the arts in consolidating the elements of heritage. cultural and integrating it into creativity.
They called for the need to direct the various media and communication media to play their role in upgrading culture and public taste in broadcasting and disseminating good artistic works through which it is possible to enhance the values ​​of national identity among various groups of society.
They also called for the need to work on developing a comprehensive concept of art education in all educational institutions that teach all disciplines of the arts to be able to face the challenges facing the identity crisis in the twenty-first century, on the grounds that fine arts are more influential in the human psyche than other sciences.
They pointed to the importance of directing public and private institutions that are able to support in all its forms to adopt the young generation of artists who are able to produce works of art that affirm authenticity and enhance the values ​​of national identity in their works, pointing to the need to work on partnership in various fields of arts between researchers, artists and relevant institutions to consolidate the values ​​of The Arab national identity through artworks, conferences and seminars, taking advantage of the modern technologies that are possible in this era.
They also called for the recording, recording and preservation of events experienced by society in various cultural, political and social fields, and their artistic expression to be passed on to future generations with the aim of consolidating the elements of cultural heritage from national and popular symbols and vocabulary, and thus preserving the visual, audio and national heritage.
It is noteworthy that the conference was attended by 60 researchers representing 15 Arab countries.

A representative of the President of Yarmouk University Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dr. Nabil study opened the third festival of short film events "point of view", which was organized by the college drama department, in the presence of captain Jordanian Artists artist Sari al-Asaad, the artist Abeer Issa.
And Dr threshing speech in which he pointed out that the festival "point of view" is a joint effort of the students and professors of the drama department, and is considered an indicator of experience and perseverance that reflect the talents of students and artistic creations, which qualifies them to engage to work with confidence and high efficiency, and enable them to delve into the local art competitions and Arabic.
The price of the support given by the university administration of the various activities and events organized by the college, which enable them to graduate competencies trained and qualified to supplement local and Arab art movement of young creative energies, thanking Jordanian Artists Association for its cooperation and active participation in the success of such activities.
Said Dr. threshing The message of the Faculty of Arts requires looking at the reality and follow what is going on from the political challenges that have become a cultural challenge, socially and economically, as this actually holds the artist's great responsibilities, especially since real art must reflect reality and inspired him to photograph the future if different ways of expression and materials.
In turn, the festival director of the teacher in the Department of Drama Mr. Tariq Haddad pointed out in his speech that this festival aims to prepare films according to the film industry standards, and is not dependent on advertising and political traditional standards, through an academic festival professional support to the international standards in the production and marketing of Arbitration movies.
And he reviewed the history of the emergence of department, and his accomplishments, and his quest to produce a constellation of students are able to take on different tasks in the artistic production Kalakhraj, lighting, filming, editing and others.
He stressed that the department students have played a major role in the organization and the success of this festival over three years, praising the role of the Union of Artists at the festival to support and participate in the arbitration of students' work, which is an incentive for them to raise the level of performance of the film industry.
And included the festival presentation of the films involved a "promise" and "House," and "cakes wagon," and "Twinkle" and "Miracle," and "light" and "behind the screen, and" migrant bird, "and" Farhan, "and" dreamer ", and" Layla "and" hilarious "and" investigate "and" Gori and belts, "and" margin of Nadr, "and" Shaima ".
At the end of the opening ceremony which was attended by a group of Jordanian artists, the head of the drama department Dr. Ghassan Haddad, and members of the teaching section body, and a crowd of students and their parents, he handed Dr. threshing certificates of appreciation for artists participating in the jury, and students participating the festival.