The Department of Fine Arts was founded at the beginning of the academic year 80/81 in the sections of the Faculty of Arts and remained in the Departments of Education and Arts, which was established in the academic year 88/89. In 2000 year, the department became a College of Fine Arts, coinciding with the anniversary celebrations of the University' silver platform radical change has occurred on this department during that period, whence quantity and quality, in terms of teaching and administrative cadres and the number of students, facilities and equipment and the diversity of the main and sub-specialties.
The College of Fine Arts began with four academic departments; Fine Arts, Design, Drama and Music, and it have 74 faculty members divided into four departments. The college has made and continues to advance the quality of education in different areas of the arts in order to care personal development of students and graduate students with outstanding technical competence and broad vision these aims one visible presence in the market work internally and externally.
From this perspective, the College has worked to establish the Jordan Design Center, which was equipped with the latest facilities and electronic equipment. The center will provide services to the industry through training art students, Jordanian technical staffs, and technical research and design service industry of Jordan as well as the regional industry.
The college of fine arts holds an annual art festival and contemporary Arab Art conference. The faculty members also participate in research, conferences attendance and festivals participations nationally and international such as music, visual arts, design and drama, and they organize and workshops for students and the community, also the college hosts experts from around the world in the areas of visual communications and performance arts. The College also has agreements of cooperation and contracts, and association agreements with other institutes and colleges to strengthen scientific research.