Formerly within the Faculty of Arts, until 1981, when Yarmouk University established a unique college under the title of “Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences”, with the objective of meeting stakeholders needs and contributing to the national business, organizational and management arena.

With a clear vision and the adoption of the English language as the primary instructional tool, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences set out to meet the challenges of an ever changing business environment.

Since its establishment the college has contributed to the development of the Jordanian society and its economic advancement and well-being at local, national and regional levels through excellence in curriculum and furtherance of student body awareness, interaction and openness to the external environment.

The college consists of seven academic departments that offer bachelor degrees in various administrative sciences. These departments are:

  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Financial and Banking Sciences

and to meet stakeholders interests an addition department was established, the Department of Business and Economics.

The college consists of 4,620 undergraduates seeking to obtain a Bachelor's degree in various disciplines; students receive a high level of academic preparation through rigorous lesson plans that compete with prestigious universities internationally. The college consist 73 faculty members from all academic ranks which hold Doctoral degrees and are graduates of prestigious universities worldwide.

With a total of 633 students the college also includes a Graduate program that offers a Master’s degree in seven disciplines that are comprised of:

  • Masters of Economics
  • Masters of Accounting
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters of Banking and Finance
  • Masters of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Masters of Management
  • Masters of Health Services Management.

The College includes state of the art technology with three labs equipped with the latest computer hardware and software as resources used by students to promote their educational advancement. In addition the college includes a one of kind laboratory simulation of the Amman Financial Market.

Through the formulation of the College’s Strategic Plan and to maintain the college’s positive scholarly reputation, excellence in performance and to keep pace and exploit opportunities, identify threats in dynamic changes and developments within the macro-environments and to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage  in which to reach the prestigious regional and global status, the college periodically evaluates, through an in depth analysis, the performance plans in curriculum and instruction.



The college takes a prominent and distinctive position among business schools at the local, regional and global level through the production and dissemination of knowledge that drives progress and development of economies and community, and contribute to academic excellence.



Effectively contribute to the growth of the economy and development of society through scientific knowledge production in various administrative and economic sciences fields and by providing the market with qualified people with the latest scientific knowledge and competencies, enabling them to manage and lead societies companies towards success and excellence in various sectors (public, private, civil and community organizations) in an environment of globalization and intense competition